10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About The Good Loaf

As our tenth birthday countdown continues, discover ten things you may have never knew about The Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery & Cafe.

  1. Our two time Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun award-winning recipe was the result of a recipe mishap from a few years ago. This mix-up from years ago contributed to their signature flavour that all of our Good Loaf customers now know and love.
Photo Credit: @tom_bailey on Instagram

2. Did you know, Beaurepaire Tyre Services erected our unusual building in 1958? The circular design was seen by Ian Beaurepaire on a tour through the USA. The eye-catching ‘round house’ design is unique in Victoria and is of architectural significance.

3. Erin has been with us since the very start and we would be lost without her!

4. Our leaven was created out at Laurie’s farm under the Indigofera Australia plant. The name has led some people to ask for the purple loaf, because they remember ‘Indigo’ in the title.

5. Did you know how long our sourdough bread actually takes to craft and bake? It starts with the leaven fed and sits to ferment and rise for about 14 hrs, then mixed into dough and hand-moulded into loaves that rest and rise for another 18 or so hours then baked. It’s definitely crafted with love.

6. Our sister cafe, The Good Loaf at Monash opened in 2013!

7. TWO couples have met & married while working at The Good Loaf.

8. We have over 45 staff at our two locations.

9. We’ve proudly been a part of the Bendigo Community Farmers Market since it’s beginning.

10. It’s a favourite among many of our customers, and we made over 18500 Pumpkin Bloomers in 2018.

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