Monthly Archives: May 2017

Spelt Sourdough

Bendigo Bakery

In our delicious spelt loaves we use a white spelt flour which is grown locally in Victoria’s Wimmera region and sourced from our flour supplier Lauke. The only other ingredients are rye leaven, salt and water. This white spelt flour has a number of other benefits and nutritional advantages over wholegrain spelt flour. The primary […]

Gluten Free

Bendigo Bakery

This is our only non-sourdough loaf. Made with a mix of rice and soy flours, our gluten free loaf is softer than most and comes in both white and seedy variations. These loaves are made to order on Wednesdays and the cut off for gluten free orders is Tuesday evening. Award Winning Bread 2016 – 1st […]