What is sourdough?

Naturally leavened (risen) bread made without added baker’s yeast, made by hand in the old fashioned way with 100% natural ingredients.

What is a semi-sourdough?

A style of sourdough which uses long ferment natural leaven combined with a small percentage of compressed baker’s yeast, to give different flavoured and textured bread. Typically a semi-sourdough may have a lighter texture.

Is the bread really sour like the name suggests?

The name sourdough refers to the process, not the taste. The flavour varies between each loaf, often described as nutty and wheaten with a slight tang,

Why is our bread at The Good Loaf different from other bread?

Each loaf is handcrafted, taking 2-3 days to make and has much greater nutritional benefits. Our bread is easier to digest because through the long ferment the wheat and gluten is naturally digested, and enzymatic activity creating greater bio-availability of nutrients and lower G.I. (glycemic index) means a slow release of energy for the body.

Do you have gluten free bread?

Yes! Our gluten free loaves are baked regularly for those with low tolerance to wheat or gluten. This is our only non-sourdough loaf, made with a mix of maize, rice and soy flours. Our gluten free loaf is softer than most and comes in both white and seedy variations. These loaves are made to order and the cut off period for gluten free orders is Tuesday evening.

Sourdough is not gluten free; however, due to the nature of our breads they are often suitable for people who have intolerance to wheat or gluten as traditional sourdough is more easily digested. We rely on natural fermentation to pre-digest the wheat/gluten through enzymatic activity.

Please contact us or call 03 5444 2171 for our gluten-free baking schedule.

Please note: Our bread is typically not suitable or recommended for people with severe allergies to wheat or gluten.

Does the bread contain any preservatives or additives?

No – Our products are 100% additive free. They contain no added preservatives, gluten, bread improvers or artificial fats.

Are your breads vegan?

Most of them; our leavens are all vegan. We add honey to the Seedy and Wholegrain & Honey breads, and so these are not vegan.