Our main sourdough breads have no added preservatives, artificial flavourings, improvers, added fat or sugars!
In addition, the very nature of sourdough bread enhances nutrition.

Sourdough bread preparation improves nutrition by:

  • pre-digesting starches, making the bread more easily digestible
  • lowering insulin response/improving glucose tolerance
  • protecting Vitamin B1 from the damage of the heat of baking
  • breaking down gluten, which may result in a bread that gluten-sensitive people can eat
  • activating phytase to hydrolyze the phytates, thus freeing up minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, copper and phosphorus

It’s also a low GI food!

The glycaemic index (GI) of sourdough bread is around 50 compared to 71 for non-sourdough white bread, making sourdough bread a low GI food. A low-GI ranking indicates that sourdough is digested and absorbed more slowly by the body which produces a more gradual rise in blood sugar and insulin levels. This has been proven to provide many health benefits for medical conditions such as diabetes while also assisting in weight control by improving appetite control and delaying hunger.

The Good Loaf has a large variety of sourdough and semi-sourdough bread including white indigo, seedy, roasted pumpkin, ciabatta, corn (polenta), wholemeal, rye and fruit. We also offer a comprehensive breakfast and lunch menu, including homemade granola, raisin toast, soups, vegetable calzones and more options incorporating the tasty and nutritious bread. The cafe serves great coffee, fresh chai, and an extensive range of teas plus a sensational range of homemade cakes, muffins and slices – many even good for you!