Hearty Pumpkin & Lentil Soup


Everyone needs an amazing wholesome hearty soup in their repertoire. This is my favorite. It’s packed with nourishment and is perfectly accompanied with @thegoodloafbakery pumpkin loaf for its taste & texture (to be frank, I have been known to eat this bread on its own…with nothing on it, it’s just so delicious!) Ingredients:
1 1/2 tablespoon olive oil (or coconut oil)
1 large leek, sliced
5 garlic gloves, crushed
3/4 teaspoon Garam Masala
1 teaspoon ground cumin seeds
2 teaspoon mild curry powder
1 cup of red splits lentils
1 cup of whole red lentils
1/2 cup of puy lentils
1-2 hot red chili, chopped
1 can of crushed/chopped tomatoes or 4-5 fresh tomatoes
4 cups of vegetable stock
3 cups of water
3 carrots, cubed/chopped
1 sweet potato, cubed/chopped
1/2 a butternut pumpkin, cubed
20 -30 small button mushrooms cups, whole (or slicd in half if they’re biggish)
500g – 700g diced lamb
1 cup of fresh or frozen peas
1 cup of yoghurt
1/2 cup mint
salt & pepper
Hot sauce – Optional (For those who like it extra hot. I personally like Elyucateco – Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero)
Note: a dried lentils soup mix can be used in place of the lentils above.
Heat a heavy-based stock pot and add oil. Sauté leeks until soft and then add garlic until soft. Add garam masala, ground cumin seeds, curry powder and stir until fragrant. Add lentils, stir and coat with spices and oil. Add tomatoes, chili, stock and water. Add lamb & all vegetables, except peas and bring to boil. Once boiled, bring back to low and simmer for 1.45-2hrs (it’s ready when the lamb is perfectly soft), covered & stirring occasionally. 5 mins before serving add peas stir and season with a salt & pepper. Mix yoghurt and mint together to serve with soup & The good loaf’s pumpkin loaf. Add hot sauce to individual dish for extra spice. Refrigerate leftovers for up to 5 days. Can freeze, single portions suggested. #realfood #goodloafgoodlife #eatwhatyouwantandloveit
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